Bearings, a very important accessories on brick making machine

YLF automatic block making machine
Bearings are very important accessories on brick making machine, which play an important role in the process of brick machine operation, and their performance directly affects the brick making effect. So if there is a problem with the bearing, the brick making equipment will not able to work normally.
During the operation, the bearing will have excessive temperature or abnormal noise. Once this happens, it should be handled in time. And the following three factors must be the reason.
♦ 1. The bearing cap and the bearing are too tightly fitted or too loose to lead the bearing to overheat. Once this problem occurs, the friction sound and the obvious swing will occur during the operation. Shut down the machine and remove the bearing. Trim the friction parts and reassemble as required.
♦ 2. The height of two bearing bases is uneven, or the rotor of the motor is not concentric, which will cause the bearing to be impacted by additional load, which will cause the bearing to overheat. In this case, stop the machine immediately to eliminate the damage to avoid early damage to the bearing.
♦ 3. Too much or too little lubricating oil or aging is also the main cause of overheating and damage of the bearing. Therefore, it is necessary to quantitatively fill the lubricating oil according to the requirements of the use of the book. Generally, the lubrication accounts for 70%-80% of the bearing space, too much or too little is not conducive.

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