Germany technical concrete block making machine

 German design - higher efficiency, lower failure rate;
Made in China - lower cost, better service.
The most cost-effective FULANG MACHINE series, the German concrete block machine equipment manufacturing technology, is far ahead in the world. It is known for its rigor and simplicity. It does not pay too much attention to the “flashy” design, but pays more attention to the overall performance of the machine. Efficiency and quality of the block product;
FULANG MACHINE series products are manufactured in China in strict accordance with German production technology and technology. Compared with domestic brand block making machines, the products have smoother performance, higher brick making efficiency and lower failure rate. In terms of performance, efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection, it is far ahead of domestic products of the same type.

High efficiency vibration
Perfectly combined with Germany's most advanced vibration technology, the vibrating table consists of two parts: the moving table and the static table. Through uninterrupted operation, no need to start frequently, it can effectively transmit the vibration force evenly, better control the product and dispersion, and the molding time is more Short and dense.
2. Forced cloth
The German SEW fabric motor is used to control the mixing shaft. The high-strength HARDOX is used for the cloth frame, bottom plate and mixing blade. The sealing performance is superior. The fabric is more uniform and the product quality is greatly improved by the forced mixing and reciprocating composite fabric.
3. Frequency control
Adopting German frequency conversion technology and frequency conversion control, the host vibration adopts low frequency standby and high frequency operation to improve running speed and product quality. Colleagues reduce the impact on mechanical components and motors, extend the life of machinery and motors, and save about 20%-30% of power compared to traditional click-and-run controls.
4. Fully automatic control
It adopts Germany's advanced automation control technology and intelligent interactive system visualization operation to realize man-machine dialogue, making equipment operation easier, maximizing labor cost, low failure rate and stable operation. At the same time, it has product recipe management and operation data collection.
5. High efficiency hydraulic
The hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve adopt international brand, adopt high dynamic proportional valve and constant power pump, step layout, three-dimensional assembly, adjust the speed, pressure and stroke of hydraulic operation according to different products, stable, efficient and energy saving.


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