High quality brick block making machine equipment

High quality brick block making machine equipment, high output and high strength are required for the users who can produce a variety of different concrete products.
Raw materials for production:
Using sand, stone, cement, a large number of fly ash, slag, steel slag, coal gangue, ceramsite, perlite and other industrial wastes can be added to make different bricks.
Hydraulic system:
Adopt German high performance hydraulic technology, double hydraulic drive system. Stronger vibration, shorter molding cycle and higher product strength.
The connection mode of oil pipe adopts the unique centralized arrangement of pipes, which is easier to install and maintain.
Adopt original imported hydraulic components, equipped with independent research and development of high integrated hydraulic valve plate, so that the system performance is stronger and the operation is more stable. So this is a high quality brick block making machine.
Control system:
Equipped with independent research and development control system, seamless docking with hydraulic system and mechanical part, realizing mechatronics and hydraulic integration control, making the whole machine run efficiently and achieving good working conditions.
Powerful self diagnosis and guidance function, real-time monitoring and display of system operation status, timely shutdown and alarm prompt in case of fault. And provide solutions and solutions, as if a famous teacher is present.
We also have a unique system parameter recovery function, so that the system parameter is lost. When necessary, all system parameters can be imported and recovered instantly.
Choose imported PLC, programmable controller, color touch screen, more user-friendly operation interface, parameter guidance and other practical functions, so that users can easily realize man-machine dialogue.
The control system has the function of intelligent action interlock to prevent mechanical failure caused by misoperation.
Distribution system:
Adopt suspension type bi-directional positioning skip car with small running resistance to solve the influence of pallet thickness error on products.
The rotary distributor can make the distribution more uniform and the product compactness better, so as to solve the problem of long distribution time of porous brick.
Vibration system:
The original high-performance vibrating system of West Germany is adopted, with strong vibration, short molding cycle and high compactness. So the bricks produced by this brick making machine has higher strength.
QTF15-15 fully automatic concrete block making machine equipment

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