QTF4-18 automatic block brick making machine

The QTF4-18 of FULANG automatic brick making machine adopts frequency conversion technology, and the main machine is controlled by frequency conversion. The main electrical components and hydraulic components of this brick making machine are made of famous brands in the world, which can realize the automation of the block production line, save the operation interval, increase the production efficiency, and form a simple production line with the brick stacking machine, which is economical and suitable for medium-sized enterprises to establish a simple production line with production scale.
A. This brick machine reduces the motor starting current, with soft start function.
B. This block machine can complete the synchronous work of the vibration assembly.
C. This brick making machine has brake unit with brake resistance for energy consumption can solve the problem of motor inertia when parking.
D. This concrete block machine’s Energy saving effect is considerable, saving 20-30%.
E. This cement brick machine adopts pure components of famous hydraulic proportional system (more efficient and energy saving).
F. This machine uses famous brand intelligent PLC touch screen and pure electrical components (high degree of automation, easy operation)
G. This block machine’s broken arch type distributing device (especially favorable for porous brick distributing and more uniform)
H. This brick machine adopts multi source synchronous vibration system with variable frequency motor
I. This block making machine adopts high temperature carburizing heat treatment process.
J. This brick machine adopts special guide post: it is made of special steel with hard chromium plating on the surface, and has good torsion resistance and wear resistance.
QTF4-18 automatic block machine

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