Several safety considerations about using block making machine

 As a large-scale building material production machine, the block forming machine produces blocks by mixing, vibration, extrusion, and the like. In this production process, a large amount of agitation and squeezing force is generated, which may pose a threat to people. So we must take the careless operation seriously. Therefore, the personnel engaged in production should understand the operating rules and strictly enforce them. The following is a brief introduction to the precautions when using a block forming machine.
♦ 1. make sure the mixer is installed in a hard and stable place, secure with a bracket or support tube, and avoid replacing it with other items.
♦ 2. Check the clutch, brake and wire rope before starting production and keep the drum clean and free from foreign matter.
♦ 3. When using a brick machine, do not put tools and hands into the drum to avoid accidents.
♦ 4. If oil leakage occurs in the hydraulic system, check the cylinders, valves, tubing and other hydraulic components in time, and replace the damaged parts in time to reduce the larger damage caused by improper maintenance.
♦ 5. When the hopper is raised, personnel are not allowed to pass through the bottom of the hopper, let alone stay at the bottom of the hopper. After the work is completed, the hopper should be properly fixed before the personnel leave.
♦ 6. The power must be turned off when repairing the block molding machine.
♦ 7. After using the brick machine, the power should be cut off, the surrounding sanitation should be cleaned, and the brick machine should be kept dry and tidy.
♦ 8. Regularly inspect and clean the hydraulic station to keep the hydraulic system piping and hydraulic station clean.
These are the eight specifications that should be noted when using a block forming machine. Employees must raise awareness and strictly abide.


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