Some experience about purchasing a brick block making machine

Today I want to share some experience about purchasing a brick block making machine. Maybe you must be wandering why I will share this with you as a sales manager. Now I will tell you the reason. 
As a sales manager for more than 10 years, I met so many customers who will came back to me with full of complaints after they are be cheated. I can feel their sorrow deeply. Maybe they spent all their saving just for establishing a new business. But they get nothing at last. I don’t want to see these things happy again, because this is a deep hurt for an entrepreneur. 
If you analyze four following aspects carefully, you can't be deceived.
1. High configuration, but very low price. This is impossible! Sales are all about making money. Cost limits the price. Many customers found the brick machine they received is not the one they bought.
2. Don't let you visit the factory. 
3. The company does not have its own website. A formal company must have a website of its own company.
4. Questions about the professional knowledge of brick machines can not be answered. As a senior salesman, it is impossible not to know the professional knowledge about products.


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