Technical features of QTF4-18 automatic block making machine

 Technical features of QTF4-18 automatic block making machine
1. The electrical system of block making machine is controlled by imported PLC and equipped with data input and output device. The control system includes safety logic control and fault diagnosis system.
2. The body of block making machine is made of special welding technology and high-precision and high-strength casting materials, with good rigidity and long service life.
3. The imported hydraulic components and seals can adjust the oil quantity and pressure according to different working requirements, so as to accurately control the action of key components.
4. The brick making machine adopts table top vibration pressure forming, with short molding cycle and high production efficiency. Moreover, the block produced by this machine has dense quality, high strength and accurate size.
5. The machine adopts four bar guiding mode to ensure the accurate movement of the indenter and die.
6. Every cycle of equipment operation is consistent, so the stability of molding products is high and the scrap rate is low.
7. With fabric device, it can produce many kinds of products, such as color pavement brick. Products can be customized according to customer needs. One machine is multi-purpose. By changing the mold, it can produce different specifications of porous brick, pavement brick and grass planting tree brick and other cement products.
automatic concrete block making machine

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