Two host selling brick block making machine

Today let me to introduce four host selling block brick making machine in YLF machine. 
♦ One is QTF4-24. This is a semi automatic type block making machine. It can use the fly ash, concrete, crushed stone, and construction waste as raw material, according to different proportion and by replacing  different  molds  to produce different kinds of blocks. Such as hollow block, cement brick, road paver block with different size and shape. And it needn’t burning, just using the vibration pressure to form the block.
concrete block machine and clay brick machine
♦ The other is FL5-10. Different to the QTF4-24, this is an automatic clay brick machine production line. It uses the soil as raw material and also needn’t burning, just using hydraulic pressing to form the brick. It’s also can produce different kinds of Interlocking bricks just by replacing molds.
The above two are all environmental brick machinery. No pollutants are produced.

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