FL4-10 brick machine

  • Machine type : Automatic brick machine
  • Machine function : Interlocking bricks
  • Moulding technology  : hydraulic moulding technology
FL4-10 brick machine
Machine description
FL4-10 full automatic clay brick and block making machine is an upgraded versions of YLF2-10 brick making machine. Production capacity and number of mould is double YLF2-10 as this high quality hydraulic press interlock brick block making machine can put 4 pieces of moulds.
1.The full automatic brick making machine YLF4-10 can produce various interlocking bricks by changing the mould .
2.YLF4-10 hydraulic brick making machine is full automatic.Its shaping cycle is as short as 10s. Production capacity can reach 11520/8hours, so it has high production efficiency with labor saving.
3.Hydraulic pressure molding technology is adopted by this ecological brave soil mud block brick making machine, so the brick machine has more stable and high-efficiency working status and the bricks produced are of better quality,large density and higher strength.
4.Our moulds adopt precise line cutting and carburizing treatment technology to prolong mould life.
4-10 brick machine

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