technical improvement of this QTF4-25A semi-automatic concrete block making machine

1. The electrical control system of the whole brick making machine adopts PLC system and computer interface operation, which can realize random signal analysis, fault diagnosis and parameter setting, so as to ensure the good working efficiency of the machine.
2. Material storage and distribution device: closed belt conveyor is adopted by this block making machine to strictly control the discharge amount of hopper, so as to prevent the concrete from being liquefied in advance due to aftershock, so as to ensure the smooth molding and product quality of products.
3. The structure of the brick machine body is novel and firm: the machine body adopts advanced manufacturing technology, and the manufacturing quality is excellent. The equipment is durable, firm, stable and reliable.
4. Vibration mode: the motor transmission speed is adjusted to meet and ensure the different vibration frequency and amplitude required by the main block machine in the cloth vibration molding, so as to improve the product quality and shorten the molding time.
QTF4-25A semi-automatic concrete block machine

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